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Forging new paths in the treatment of vascular diseases, our range of innovative devices include an extensive portfolio of high-performance stents and balloons. 
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The COMBO Dual Therapy Stent accelerates endothelial coverage and controls neo-intimal proliferation, providing a safe, no compromise solution for you and your patient

The Genous bio-engineered Cobalt Chromium (CoCr) stent combines thin stent struts, dual helix design and EPC capture technology to protect against thrombus and minimize restenosis by accelerating the natural healing process.

The Azule Cobalt Chromium Stent is based on the R stent’s patented dual helix design. Its unique design provides natural conformability and tremendous radial strength without compromising its extreme flexibility

Sapphire II PRO is a well-balanced balloon catheter specifically engineered for crossing the most difficult lesions and tracking tortuous anatomy, tailored for every lesion size.

Sapphire II Coronary Dilatation Catheter is a well-balanced balloon catheter that crosses lesions without boundaries.

The Sapphire coronary dilatation catheter balloon combines the latest technologies to deliver the ultimate crossability. The Sunflex tapered tip is superbly engineered for smooth lesion accessibility and low tip profile. With specially formulated Slidematrix dual coating and the enhanced TiFo processing, Sapphire is ideal for a lubricious crossing.

The Sapphire ll NC coronary dilatation catheter is a well-balanced and truly non-compliant balloon catheter, engineered to cross tight and calcified lesions.

The Sapphire NC coronary dilatation catheter is a non-compliant balloon dilatation catheter with minimal growth and robust rated burst pressure. Sapphire NC combines advanced precision and material engineering technologies for optimum reliability and deliverability.

Scoreflex is a focused force dilatation balloon that comes with a dual wire system which enables effective dilatation under lower inflation pressure. For optimal results, a gradual step-up inflation protocol should be adopted.