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COMBO is the world’s first and only dual therapy stent designed to repair vessel injury and regenerate the endothelium, fostering natural, true vessel healing. It does this by accelerating endothelial coverage and controlling neo-intimal proliferation. This is done through a combination of the proven EPC capturing technology and a sirolimus drug elution, delivered from a bioresorbable polymer that completely degrades within 90 days.

EPC Capturing Technology

Endothelial Progenitor Cells (EPCs) play a crucial role in vascular repair and endothelialization.

  • EPCs were first described by Asahara in 1996 as circulating CD34+ cells with the potential to differentiate into endothelial cells 
  • EPCs are bone marrow-derived cells that are mobilized in response to tissue or vessel injury and incorporate into the sites of injury
  • EPC capture is central to our healing technology
  • Endothelial coverage is a histological predictor of stent thrombosis after stent placement

How does COMBO facilitate EPC capture and endothelialization?

Bone marrow derived EPCs circulate in the blood stream   Anti-CD34 antibodies on the stent surface captures EPCs.   EPCs mature into endothelial cells, healing the artery with restored endothelium.

Pre-Clinical Findings



Clinical Program

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Driven by our mission to be global leaders in life-changing vascular technologies, we work together with our physician partners to understand and meet clinical needs.

Key Clinical Findings

OCT image of COMBO Dual Therapy Stent at nine months showing homogeneous coverage







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