Effective, Proven Pro-Healing Stent Technology, Now on a Thin Cobalt Chromium Stent for:

Ideal Deliverability • Reduced Restenosis2

Healing Matters

The Genous Bio-engineered Cobalt Chromium Stent combines thin stent struts, dual helix design and EPC
capture technology to protect against thrombus and minimize restenosis by accelerating the natural healing process.

Plan for the best – Insure against the worst

Bone marrow derived EPCs
circulate in the blood stream.

Genous with anti-hCD34
antibody on the stent surface captures EPCs.

EPCs mature into endothelial cells, healing the artery with restored endothelium.

Design Matters

The Genous Bio-engineered Cobalt Chromium Stent has a unique dual helix design that provides natural conformability and tremendous radial strength without compromising its extreme flexibility.

Squared Ends

– for lesion coverage and minimal foreshortening

Dual Helix Backbone

– for flexibility, radial strength and natural conformability

Sinusoidal Rings

– for scaffolding, coverage, and support

Unsurpassed Sidebranchability

Up to 4.5 mm side branch access for effective bifurcation stenting and for maintaining patency of side branches.

Material Matters

The Genous CoCr stent is made from the L605 cobalt chromium alloy, which has no molybdenum and less nickel than 316L stainless steel and MP35N cobalt chromium alloy. Some patients are allergic to both nickel and molybdenum and can develop restenosis as a result.1

1. Koster, R, et al., The Lancet, 2000, 356:1895-7. Nickel and Molybdenum Contact Allergies in Patients With Coronary In-stent Restenosis.

Thinner is Better

Thinner stent struts are better, as long as radial force is not compromised. Thinner metal results in a lower profile, greater flexibility, and reduced restenosis.2

2. Pache, J, et al., Journal of the American College of Cardiology, April, 2003, 16;41(8):1289-92. Intracoronary stenting and angiographic results: strut thickness effect on restenosis outcome (ISAR-STEREO-2) trial.

Technical Drawing (Click on the picture to enlarge)

Product Specifications

 Strut dimensions:  0.0034" (0.09 mm, width) x 0.0032" (0.08 mm, thickness)
 Radiopacity:  Moderate
 Material:  L605 cobalt chromium alloy
 Side branch access:  4.5 mm
 Foreshortening:  < 2 %*
 Recoil:  < 5 %*
 Vessel wall coverage:  14 %*
 Radial force (to 50% lumen collapse):  26 Psi*

 Balloon Catheter
 Proximal shaft:  Hypotube
 Nominal pressure:
 9 atm
 Rated burst pressure:  16 atm
 Avg. burst pressure:  > 28 atm
 Nominal crossing profile:  0.038" (0.97 mm)*
 Catheter tip length:  4.25 mm
 Max. guidewire OD:  0.014"
 Shaft (prox/distal):  2.3F/2.9F
 Guiding catheter compatibility:  5F (0.056" ID min)

*3.00 mm diameter stent

Ordering Information

(mm)  LENGTH (mm)
9 13 15 18 23 28 33
2.5 225-092-7 225-132-7 225-152-7 225-182-7 225-232-7
2.75 227-092-7 227-132-7 227-152-7 227-182-7 227-232-7
3.0 230-092-7 230-132-7 230-152-7 230-182-7 230-232-7 230-282-7 230-332-7
3.5 235-092-7 235-132-7 235-152-7 235-182-7 235-232-7 235-282-7 235-332-7
4.0 240-092-7 240-132-7 240-152-7 240-182-7 240-232-7 240-282-7 240-332-7