Accelerated Natural Healing

The Genous Bio-engineered surface features antibodies immobilized on the stent that capture circulating endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs), which in turn rapidly form an endothelial layer over and between the stent struts. This protects against thrombus and minimizes restenosis.

The Approach

Bare Metal Stents...

Injury Response

Stent placement causes vascular injury. The amount of injury that occurs overwhelms the physiologic capacity to quickly repair the damage. The result is that the complete endothelial coverage of an injury segment takes time. During this critical time, the risk of thrombosis is highest and the key initiating events of restenosis take place.

Drug Eluting Stents...

New Solutions Create New Problems

The pharmaceutical compounds on drug eluting stents inhibit the inflammatory and proliferative events of the nominal healing response, but they also can result in too little tissue formation and prolonged or permanent inhibition of the formation of a confluent endothelial layer. Endothelial lining is nature's modulator of vascular homeostasis, an event necessary for a stable and durable healing response.

Genous Bio-engineered Surface

Accelerated Natural Healing

Rather than indiscriminately inhibiting an excessive healing reaction from occurring with potent antiproliferative drugs, the Genous Bio-engineered Surface incites tissue healing to occur in a rapid and controlled manner. This approach upregulates and accelerates the natural healing response.

Mechanism of Action

The Genous Bio-engineered stent accelerates the natural healing process.

Plan for the best – Insure against the worst

Bone marrow derived EPCs
circulate in the blood stream.
Genous with anti-hCD34
antibody on the stent surface captures EPCs.
EPCs mature into endothelial cells, healing the artery with restored endothelium.

Healing Matters...

...To Protect Against Thrombus and Minimize Restenosis

SEM of Porcine Implants at 14 Days